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Flight Cancellations

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

What to do when your flight is cancelled? From personal experience, this is one of the most frustrating things and if you travel frequent, this will happen to you.

  • Step 1: Calm down and call your airline immediately. Note that you have to just accept that the flight you wanted is just not going to happen

  • Step 2: Be adamant with your airline. They may tell you they will rebook you another day. If you need to get to your destination, be persistent about times. They can often put you on another airline. In this case, it likely may not be the ideal seats, or even the class you originally booked. Be a bit flexible with this if you are sensitive on time

  • Step 3: Be ready to leave at a moment’s notice. In some cases, you may get booked on an earlier flight than you originally planned.

  • Step 4: Work with the airline on your plan and submit all receipts via a complaint with extra fees incurred because of the disruption (these fees may be extra night hotel, missed night hotel, food, lounge fees, baggage fees, etc)

  • Step 5: Relax and enjoy (or at least make the best of it)---This is just a normal part of travel

Note: In the last 3 months, I have had two cancelled flights when I had 2-3-night plans. This is especially disruptive when flying with kids and you are rebooked on a full flight. Also, frustrating when you book first class and then put in economy (on a flight with no entertainments systems). In these cases, you will not get the flyer mile credit or spending points toward status (you can ask for this after the fact). On my latest flight disruption an Airline had double booked my seat (in reality they moved someone after issuing the ticket---since they had to have me sitting with my four-year-old and we were the ones interrupting someone else's seats).

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